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McNotes Newsbrief: Scientists at UAB reverse aging process in a mouse

07.21.18 10:21 AM – Andy McDonald
Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham may have succeeded in genetically altering a mouse to reverse the aging process, according to a recent news report. Age-related wrinkles and hair loss were turned back in the rodent even after he had suffered the effects of aging, according to a report in the Washington Times.
Scientists at UAB reportedly tailored and introduced a gene mutation on a test mouse, and within four weeks, the mouse had developed wrinkled skin and visible hair loss. When regular cell function was restored within the gene by turning off the culprit mutation, the mouse returned to its previously youthful appearance only two months later — deemed “indistinguishable” from a healthy mouse of the same age, the report said. The story suggested the same process could be employed in delaying or reversing aging in other species.

Despite the improved appearance of the mouse, researchers reported some age-related behaviors persisted despite the ground-breaking, age reversal therapy. The mouse demonstrated an aversion to loud music, complained bitterly about chronic back pain and a host of other ailments, while also railing against his hundreds of offspring for never calling him anymore, except on holidays.
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