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Fraley addresses Lenten Lunch series

03.26.19 11:15 AM – Andy McDonald
Bruce Fraley chats with a member of the audience before he gives his presentation at the Berea United Methodist Lenten Lunch series. The event continues every Wednesday until Easter.
Bruce Fraley was the latest Lenten Lunch speaker last week at the Berea United Methodist Church. Speaking on the topic “I am the vine,” (John 15:1-5), Fraley explained the ways in which his Christian faith influenced his philosophy toward public service during his tenure as district manager of the Social Security Administration.

“Other than doing my job, and trying to do it well, I also tried to uplift others,” Fraley said. “We encountered people who were down on their luck, maybe became disabled and had to file a claim. We ran into those who just needed advice – they didn’t know where to turn. Or maybe they were just lonely and they needed somebody to listen to them. They didn’t have anybody else.”

Another passage of scripture that deeply influences Fraley, he said, is John 15:12 - My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

“For me, showing love for one another is the most important way we can abide Jesus Christ and glorify God by the way we live our lives,” Fraley said.

During his presentation, Fraley noted that in John 15:1-5 the word abide is used several times. Bearing that in mind, he offered seven ways in which to abide in Jesus:

1.Attend church services.
2.Participate in faith-based clubs or groups that serve other people or study scripture.
3.Community service activities.
4.Showing humility and asking forgiveness.
5.Self-reflection with an eye toward self-improvement.
6.Giving thanks to God.
7.Glorify God by not being afraid. Share your faith.

Following his presentation, Fraley fielded several questions from the audience.

The Berea community is invited to gather at the Berea United Methodist Church Parish House at 101 Fee Street every Wednesday until Easter beginning at noon and ending at 12:45 p.m. There is no charge for the meal, but donations are welcome. Doors for the luncheon open at 11:45. For more information about the Lenten Lunch series, call 859.986.3485.
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