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Biography of Erin our "Newshound"

Erin is a three-year-old Yellow Labrador who lives, works, and sleeps in Berea, Kentucky. She is smarter than she looks. She's shrewd. She sees a lot and she smells even more. She wonders what you are hiding. She knows what she knows and she's not giving much away. Erin is friendly. Very friendly. Deceptively friendly. When she wags her tail (which is pretty much all the time) you might think she is happy to see you, but she's that way to everyone. It's an act. Actually her tail indicates brain activity. Don't be fooled: you don't know whose side she is on. She'll figure you out, and find your place in the big picture. You won't know what she's up to until the story breaks, and by then it will be too late.
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